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Rollback Truck For Hire

Rollback trucks are ideal to move small plant like TLB’s, Bobcats, Forklifts, compressors and any earth moving equipment up to 12 Tons.

Rollbacks are often used to transport broken down cars and trucks and can be effectively used for both short haul and long haul transport.

TLB transport: Transporting a TLB does not need a lowbed in the majority of cases unless it is a large TLB over 12 tons. Using a rollback will save you a lot of money when transporting a TLB.

Forklift transport, Rollbacks have a winch on the trailer so even if the Forklift or TLB is a non-runner, the Rollback will winch it onto the trailer to transport safely. No Crane truck Needed!

Vehicvle recovery, Non-runners or vehicles involved in accidents need recovery using a rollback with winches.

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      Rollback Truck Hire Johannesburg

      easily transport vehicles and equipment, runners and non-runners


      Rollback Truck Hire

      Transporting broken down vehicles, be they personal vehicles or industrial vehicles, a rollback is by far the easiest and most cost effective way to transport them.

      Towing services rouitinely use rollback trucks to transport cars and trucks that have been in accidents or broken down.

      If you have an unlicensed vehicle that needs to come off a site and returned to your yard, hire a rollback to get the job done.

      Instead of using a lowbed or crane truck to transport small equipment like TLB’s, bobcats, forklifts, or any other equipment under 12 Tons, think about using a rollback.

      A rollback truck can be used to transport any running or non running vehicle by lowering the bed to ground level and using a winch to pull the vehicle up the bed and into place where it can be secured.

      Typically, the axles are used to secure the chains or slings.


      12 Ton rollback trucks

      A rollback truck gets the job done quickly and easily. Rollbacks are available with capacities up to 12 Tons and with various different winch capacities.

      Rollbacks are available in 6 and 12 Ton carrying capacities. Get a quote on the rental of a rollback truck.

      Rollback Truck

      When it comes to transporting heavy loads up to 12 tons or recovering vehicles, a rollback truck is an incredibly fast and cost effective vehicle for the job. With its unique design and versatile functionality, a rollback truck offers numerous advantages over traditional lifting and transporting or towing methods.

      Rollback are most often associated with the towing industry and the transport of small yellow equipment like TLB’s and Forklifts but have many other functions and advantages.

      Efficient Vehicle Recovery

      Rollback trucks are specially designed to safely and efficiently recover vehicles involved in accidents or breakdowns. Their flatbed design allows for easy loading and unloading of vehicles without causing any further damage. By utilizing hydraulics and winches, the flatbed can be tilted to create a gentle incline, allowing the non-runner vehicle/equipment to be winched onto the deck ensuring smooth and secure positioning/recovery. The winching feature is particularly beneficial for damaged or disabled vehicles that cannot be towed conventionally.

      Container transport

      The capacity of the winch would determine the other types of loads it can move, like 6m containers for example. If there is sufficient space for the truck to get in line with the container, it can easily be winched onto the load deck and transported. At the deliver end, the load deck is simply inclined and the container slides off into position.

      Secure and Damage-Free Transportation

      The flatbed design of a rollback truck offers exceptional security during transportation. Unlike traditional towing methods that involve dragging or lifting the vehicle, rollback trucks carry the load on a flat platform, reducing the risk of additional damage. The ability to securely strap down the vehicle eliminates the possibility of shifting or jostling during transit, ensuring safe delivery to the desired destination.

      Versatile Load Capacity

      Rollback trucks are available in 6 Ton and 12 Ton load capacities, making them suitable for a wide range of hauling requirements. Whether it’s transporting cars, SUVs, motorcycles, or even heavy equipment l;ike TLB’s, forklifts or containers, We have a rollback truck capable of handling the job. The adjustable nature of the flatbed allows for accommodating different sizes and types of loads, making it a versatile option for transporting diverse cargo.

      Time and Cost Efficiency

      Compared to conventional towing methods, using a rollback truck can significantly reduce the time required to load and unload vehicles and euipment. The hydraulic system simplifies the process and eliminates the need for additional Lifting equipment such as cranes, crane trucks, Forklifts or manpower. This increased efficiency translates into cost savings, as the time taken for recovery or transportation is reduced, allowing for more efficient use of resources.

      Enhanced Safety Measures

      Rollback trucks are equipped with advanced safety features to ensure the well-being of both the driver and the transported vehicles. These features may include winches, bed locks, and tilt alarms to prevent accidents and maintain stability during operation. The ability to control the tilt angle of the flatbed ensures a gradual and safe approach when loading or unloading, minimizing the risk of injuries or damages.

      Accessibility to Challenging Locations

      Certain situations may require vehicle recovery or transportation from remote or challenging locations, such as off-road areas or tight urban spaces. Rollback trucks offer excellent accessibility, thanks to their maneuverability and ability to handle difficult terrains. Their flexibility enables them to reach locations that may be inaccessible for traditional tow trucks, providing a reliable solution for diverse towing needs.

      Rollback hire Johannesburg

      Whether it’s recovering damaged vehicles, transporting a wide range of cargo, or ensuring secure and damage-free delivery, a rollback truck provides a reliable and effective solution.