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    refrigerated Truck Hire Johannesburg

    Our trucks deliver ice cold goods


    Refrigerated Truck Hire

    Delivering perishable goods or fresh produce should always be done in a refrigerated truck. In order for Sell by and best by dates to be accurate, any fresh produce/perishable needs to be kept a a constant low temperature.

    Ensure that you experience lower return rates and happy customers who can rely on the labelling information. We offer a truck rental service where you can use your own drivers or a complete logistics service through our partner companies who deliver fresh and cold daily or on demand.

    What temperatures do refrigerated trucks work at?

    When delivering fresh produce or unfrozen produce, the refrigerated trucks operate at between 1 and 5 degree’s celsius.

    Frozen goods are genrally transported at -18 degress celsius.

    Trucks can transport food items and non food items in the same truck, provided they are seperated to p[revent cross contamination.

    -18°C (-0.4°F)       Deep frozen foods, fishery products
    -14°C ( 6.8°F)       Butter and edible fats
    -12°C ( 10.4°F)     Egg products, rabbit, offal, poultry and game
    -10°C ( 14°F)        Meat


    +2°C (35.6°F )            Fresh fish, crustaceans and shellfish ( in ice ) excluding live ones. Running Mode: Continued/ Auto.start, Auto.off     
    +3°C (37.4°F )                    Cooked dishes, fresh pastries, egg products, pre-packaged foods for consumer use
    +4°C to +7°C ( 39.2°F to 44.6°F) Non-sterilized, untreated, unpasteurized bean products and Milk for industrial processing


    +4 to 6°C (39.2°F to 42.8°F)       Fresh fruit and vegetables; flowers
    +7 to 8°C (44.6°Fto46.4 °F)        Bulbs
    +10°C ( 50 °F)                            Non-stabilized animal fats other than butter; Pressed or cooked cheeses.

    4 Ton - 16 Ton Refrigerated trucks

    Moving fresh produce and perishable goods, be they in cold storage or frozen storage, requires reliable, well serviced vehicles that guarantee delivery of goods at temperature.

    We recommend that you discuss your refrigerated transport requirement with one of our experienced consultants. They will be able to offer the most cost effective solution for your refrigerated transport needs.


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