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Crane truck hire

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    Crane Truck Hire

    Trucks mounted with 5 to 40  Ton/m Cranes

    4×4, 6×4 and 8×4 Crane trucks


    Crane Truck Hire


    The crane truck fleet is available at short notice for single lifts and transport requirements or on long term contracts. Our crane trucks are routinely seen lifting and placing transformers around South Africa, laying pipes in the Northern Cape or installing solar panels around South Africa. More on our Crane Rental offerings.

    Our riggers, drivers and operators have a very diverse range of experience, from working in residential areas placing statues, removing and reloacting trees, lifting and transporting boilers and machinary or even working cross border on pipelines and energy projects.

    Whatever it takes, we get it done

    The crane truck fleet bis very versatile with rough terrain 4×4 crane trucks, 6×4 and 8×4 crane trucks available for the most remote and demanding work that Africa can throw at us.

    Crane trucks have trucks with load capacities of up to 40 tons. Each dropside truck is fitted with a suitable size crane to cater for the maximum load that the crane can lift.

    Crane Trucks

    We have a complete range of crane trucks available across South Africa with crane lifting capacities up to 40 tons. 

    We have both cab mounted and rear mounted crane trucks available for short term or long term rental.

    Each crane truck comes fully equipped with slings and qualified driver/operator.

    Crane truck hire service

    We offer a complete crane truck hire and rigging service which includes slings and rigger where required. The truck is manned by a team of driver and rigger or driver/rigger depending on the job requirement. Where necessary, and for complex lifts, we are able to supply red seal riggers at an additional charge. You will be notified in your quote whether or not a red seal rigger is required for the job.

    We are often called upon to lift heavy or unusual size furniture to heights of 17m as part of a move which would include a moving truck The trend towards high rise living often necessitates the use of either a mobile crane or a crane trucks.