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Container transport

Transport and stacking of cantainers can be very cost effectiveloy done using either a container sidelifter or crane truck. The vehicles have the capacity to load, transport and offload, standard 6m containers and standard 12m containers as well as various sozes of park homes, container offices and custom build structures.

Sidelifters: Up to 45 tons lift and transport

Crane Trucks and Lowbeds: A combination of crane trucks and lowbed trailers can lift and transport any size or weight container. We have a solution for container lift and transport needs.

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      Container lift and transport

      Fast, efficient container moving and transport


      Container sidelifter

      Millions of containers are lifted, moved and stacked every day and the most effective and cost efficient way of lifting and transporting containers is by using a container sidelifter.

      The use of crane trucks and lowbeds trailers to transport containers takes on an entireley new meaning when you move to the use of container sidelifters. These are specialist vehicles designed specifically for the purpose of moving and stacking containers.

      Does your yard move and stack containers on a regular basis? There are container sidelifters available for sale, bothe new and second hand and of course we will be more than willing to quote you on moving and transporting your containers.

      You cannot hire a sidelifter unless your driver operator has very specific training and certificatioon to operate a sidelifter.

      If you would prefer to use a crane truck, we have a fleet bof available trucks with cranes from 5 ton/m cranes to 40 ton/m cranes. Our experienced rigging crews are very versatile and will be able to assist with any project you have.

      Extendable ConTainer Sidelifter

      The extendable container sidelifter is a formidable truck and a game changer for the container moving business. The extendable trailer allows the truck to get into areas that 12m load bed trucks may not be able to get into with ease. Once in position the trailer is extended to accommodate a 12m container. The unextended trailer caters for 6m containers.

      Container Transport

      Container sidelifters are purpose built to transport up to 12m (40 foot) containers as well as 2 x close coupled 6m (20 foot) containers.

      Capacity 45 Tons
      Stack Double stack
      Reach 3.9m

      Quite simply, if you have containers that need moving or transporting, then a container sidelifter is your choice.