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Curtainside truck hire

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    Curtainside Truck Hire Johannesburg

    Move, access and offload goods with ease


    Curtainside Truck Hire

    Curtainsides are most often used in the transport and delivery of FMCG like Cold drinks and other items where the truck will make numerous stops along it’s route and need to access different parts of the truck at different stops.

    The curtain can be easily lifted and returned into place, giving the logistics and delivery personnel easy access to the sides of the vehicles or the rear, with or without a forklift.

    Curtainside trucks are available in different weight capacities

    A closed body truck like a moving van can also be used for multiple deliveries but these are best suited to the delivery of a load to a single company or multiple deliveries of the same item due to the access being from the rear only.

    Curtainside trucks are less secure than a closed body but the curtains themselves are layered with steel wire to prevent theft as far as possible.

    The driver and support staff of a curtainside/Tautliner should be experienced drivers with code 14 licenses at least.

    We provide a complete service which includes a driver if necessary. Please indicate this in your inquiry.

    4 Ton - 26 Ton Curtainside

    A typical 4 ton dropside truck has the following load deck capacity.

    Length 4,8 metres
    Width 2,3 metres
    Height 2,2 metres

    Curtainside trucks go all the way up to 26 Ton payloaders. This small curtainside truck is ideal for delivery of any Goods where multiple stops need to made.