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Lowbed transport south africa

Local and cross border transporters including abnormal loads


Lowbed trailer and transport

Local and cross border transport

South Africa and cross border transport is our area of expertise. We have a wide variety of trailers and trucks to transport anything from a bobcat or small telehandler, to abnormal loads. Our transport partners move mining trucks, TLB’s and other yellow equipment bertween South Africa and most sub Saharan African countries.

Whatever it takes, we get it done

Each country has their own set of laws regarding times that abnormal loads can be transported and maximum weights allowed on their roads. Our experienced logistics team will ensure that all of the right permist and safety requirements are in place before any piece of equipment leaves South Africa.

There are many different trailer configurations for the different loads, see below image.

Lowbed tranporters

Earthmoving equipment transport is one of the transport types that we offer and is available for roadworks, construction and mining equipment. We transport any equipment on a single load basis or a shared load basis where available.

Earthmoving equipment transport

Boilers and steel structure transport

Large transformer transport

Mining equipment transport

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