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Dropside Truck hire

Dropside trucks come in various sizes with load decks typically between 4m and 7m.

These are ideal trucks for open back furniture removals, scaffolding transport, or anything that does need to be enclosed. Secure with tie dowens or a cargo net and off you go.

Dropside trucks are cost effective material and goods movers.

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      Dropside Truck Hire Johannesburg

      4 Ton and 8 Ton Dropside Trucks for Hire


      Dropside Truck Hire

      Multi-purpose trucks with long ranges for maximum convenience.

      There is a large number of 8 Ton dropside trucks available for hire in Johannesburg. The versatility of the 8 ton truck is what makes it an incredibly popular truck.

      8 ton trucks are perfectly suited to transporting palletized goods like ceramic tiles, bags of cement or other standard configuration products.

      In the food services industry, 8 ton dropside trucks are routinely used to transport canned goods, dry goods like mealie meal and any other palletized items.

      Perhaps the most commonly used applications are in the construction industry for the transport of material and movement of equipment like scaffolding and small machinary like Bobcats or Telehandlers and cement mixers or scaffolding.

      Home movers often use 8 ton dropside trucks to transport household items and large appliances. When a cargo net is used, items are very secure on an open back truck.

      8 Ton Dropside

      A typical 8 ton dropside truck has the following load deck capacity.

      Length 7,0 metres
      Width 2,6 metres
      Height 2,2 metres

      Longer decks and 8 ton trucks with cranes are also available. Please be sure to check the license requirements to hire an 8 Ton dropside truck.

      4 Ton Dropside Truck

      Where the 8 Ton Dropside truck is the most commonly used in the truck hire business, there are smaller 4 ton dropside trucks available for small volumes of goods and equipment or where the license consideration is not in place.

      Please remember that we also hire trucks with drivers, offering a complete truck hire and transport solution.

      The 4 ton truck is more than just a runaround, it is a reliable, versatile truck that can be easily driven and parked. Ideal for logistics companies who have a lot a small deliveries in a limited area. These trucks can be easily parked and the contents on the back secured.

      4 Ton Dropside truck

      Hire a 4 ton truck for those small loads where access and manouverability could be an issue. The 4 ton truck is not much bigger than a bakkie but is optimized for loadability.


      Length 4,8 metres
      Width 2,3 metres
      Height 2,3 metres