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Moving Trucks

Wether you are moving your home or your office, there are moving truckls available, both open back dropside trucks as well as closed back moving trucks built for purpose.

NB: Always check with your managing agents to confirm the weight that is allowed into the complex/office park. If the truck is not able to enter the premises you will incur additional costs to move items from the truck to the dwelling/office.

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      Moving Truck hire Johannesburg

      Home and Office Moving Company

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      Office Movers Johannesburg

      Moving office made easy.

      Our Office moving partners are extremely efficient and knowledgable when it comes to dismantling and packing office furniture and office equipment.

      We are the office movers of choice in Johannesburg with a truck from a small 3 ton closed body moving truck to a 12 Ton closed body moving truck to ensure that your valuable office firniture and equipment arrives in your new office space as good as it left your old offices.

      Trained staff and packaging matertial are provided in most cases but you should refer to your quotation for the exact terms and conditions.

      Open moving truck rental

      If you are confident that you are able to effectively move your office furniture and equipment with your own people, you can hire an office moving truck providing you have the required license to drive the truck.

      We recommed using an office removal all in one service but offer truck hire as well.

      Moving Trucks

      There are a variety of moving trucks and available for both office moves and home moving purposes. Office moving can include experienced drivers and staff who will dismantle, pack and reassemble your items in your new offices. Storage of items can also be arranged should the need arise.

      Home moving Johannesburg

      It is said that moving yoiur home is one of life’s biggest stresses, right up there with divorce. Let us help make your home moving experience as stress free as possible.

      We will pack your entire home for you, from clothing and kitchen ware to furniture and antiques. You can request that every piece of furniture be bubble wrapped and placed in the truck on blankets if that will make you feel comfortable.

      We understand that every item you have has a speciaal value to you or your family and our packing staff are trained to be empathetic and listen to the home owners needs.

      It is our job to move you into your new home with as little hassle as possible, be it to a new suburb in the same town, across the country to a new province or acrtoss the oceans to a new country.

      If you wish to move your own goods we have bakkies from 1 ton and trucks availaqble up to 8 ton and 12 ton. We have a moving truck hire solution for you. We offer a complete pack, move and unpack solution which is hard to beat. All you need do is be at your premises or mark the goods for packing and Voila, your move is taken care of.

      Moving Trucks

      In South Africa we can usually move using an open back truck like an 8 ton moving truck. Our weather is very good and as long as you secure the goods with a good cargo net or blankets and rope, a move using an open back truck is very simple and hassle free.