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      Bakkie Hire Johannesburg

      Single and double cab bakkies, long or short term rentals


      Bakkie Hire

      Whether you need to hire a double cab for a trip with some friends or a single cab workhorse bakkie for a cosntruction site in Kimberly, we have a great value solution that will suit your needs.

      Our bakkie hire service includes both short term daily rentals or long term rentals in excess of a year or more, as well as bakkie insurance. A bakkie like a Ford Ranger may be just what you need to impress the company that you are tendering with on a job or at the same time, may impress a prospective business partner.

      We have anything from 1/2 ton single cab open back bakkies for hire to double cab 4×4 bakkies with canopies for hire. Ford, Toyota and Nissan bakkies are readily avaiable to do what needs to be done.

      A 1 Ton bakkie has a strong engine, larger load deck and is designed to carrty bigger loads or look impressive. They are failrly high fuel consumers but engine technology today keeps their fuel usage to acceptable levels.

      A 1/2 ton bakkie is a fantastic runaround for small deliveries and for admin staff on a mine or site.

      When you need bakkie hire services, please ensure that your drivers license is valid and you are in good standing with the traffic authorities.

      Single and Double Cab Bakkies

      1/2 ton and 1 Ton bakkies to hire. Toyota, Ford and Nissan.

      Types Single Cab and Double Cab
      Weights 1/2 Ton to 1 Ton
      Motors 1.2 L to 3.0 L

      If you are looking for something to move furniture, think of a moving van hire , or if you have perishable goods, our refrigerated trucks could be a game changer for your business.